HR Hotline Associates’ mission is to increase the value of people capital, the most critical intangible asset of your organization. Our mission directs us to take a thoughtful, holistic and strategic approach so it may be successfully realized; something we do diligently with expertise and commitment to our clients.   Based out of Des Moines, Iowa since 2001, HR Hotline Associates offers consultation and development services in multiple Human Resources specializations.

Whether you need additional resources, expertise, or both, we will work with you to meet your needs that will not only contribute to the value of your people but will in turn help to increase your overall organization value.

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HR Compensation

Compensation Programs and Practices

Talent Acquisition

Learn how to Hire Right the First Time

HR Development & Training

Training and Development Services is Worth the Investment

HR Benefits

Employee Benefits Plan Consulting

HR Performance Management

Performance Management & Improvement – Driving Results

HR Policies & Procedures

The Importance of Human Resources Policies and Procedures

HR Emplyee Engagement

Employee Engagement Matters