Training and Development Services – Worth the Investment

Many benefits may be realized when companies invest in their employees through training and development. Research has shown the following results:

  • Learning and Development focused organizations had 65 percent less voluntary turnover than industry peers (, 2014).
  • Training is one of seven key contributors to any business result¬† (Barnett & Burke, 2011)
  • Of companies that increased training activity, 60 percent reported increased operating profits, 58 percent reported improved quality, and 56 percent reported improved productivity (American Management Association, 2004).


HR Hotline Associates offers training workshops specific to Human Resources programs in Compensation, Staffing and Performance Management. These sessions are customized to your organization programs, introducing tools and practices that will enhance performance. We may also provide training in other areas upon your request, all designed to help increase performance results.


Employee coaching is a different way to invest in the development of your employees. We at HR Hotline Associates offer one-on-one coaching to your employees in varying situations:

  • High-potential individuals identified for future organization advancement. Through one-on-one coaching, we will assist individuals in formulating a development plan and coach them through different development situations.
  • Individuals in Leadership positions. Through one-on-one coaching, we can assist individuals in becoming more effective as a leader with their team and others throughout the organization.
  • Performance Improvement. We work with individuals typically in Supervisory, Management, or Executive roles whose performance has fallen below acceptable levels. We will work with individuals to assist and guide them in redirecting their performance using various tools, information, coaching, and feedback.


HR Hotline Associates offers training workshops currently in the Des Moines area on different aspects of Compensation and Staffing made available to the public. Scheduled workshops and pricing when offered will be listed on the Workshops menu of this site.

Training and Development is Worth the Investment!

We know that when companies invest in their employees through training and development, employees are happier & more productive.