Performance Management & Improvement – Driving Results

The issue of successful performance is continuously in the forefront for employers. Many different aspects of the work environment contribute to or detract from desired performance results. We at HR Hotline Associates offer programs, tools and information that will help you identify issues, determine causes, develop optimal solutions, and communicate effectively with employees to reach the level of achievement necessary for success.

Performance Management

Are your employees successfully performing the accountabilities of their job while meeting stated goals? Performance management is one approach that sets your team up for success by establishing expectations, providing ongoing coaching and guidance, measuring results and determining valued rewards. We develop performance management programs using best practices and newer approaches so your program becomes more than just a management tool but an integral part of a performance oriented culture.

Performance Consulting

Did you know that approximately 66% to 75% of people performance issues exist because of a system, process or work environment obstacle? Performance consulting is a way to determine root causes and solutions so that the problem is eradicated, helping people to succeed. We treat the cause, not the symptom, and prepare employees for change with effective communications.


A Study in Performance Improvement: What’s going on with turnover?