Hire Right the First Time

The average turnover for U.S. companies is estimated to be 15.6%. The average cost for turnover ranges anywhere from 16% to 200% of the job’s projected annual salary.  Most experts agree that hiring the right people from the start is the single best way to reduce employee turnover.

Many steps go into hiring right the first time but for many of us it becomes a challenge to set the necessary time aside to focus on the entire process in a way that will increase the probability of a successful hire. HR Hotline Associates not only can step in and provide you with additional resources, but can assist you with developing and implementing a hiring strategy needed for increasing your hiring success ratio.

HR Hotline Associates Staffing Model


Critical Success Factors

Painting the Portrait phase of staffing defines the objective and essence of the job along with all that is needed in order to be successful in that job. Critical Success Factors define knowledge, skills and abilities essential for job success. We will help you create a critical success factor profile that will provide you and the selection team with the necessary information by which to recruit, evaluate and select candidates.

Develop and Place Job Postings

Not all job postings are created equal. We will help you create effective job postings and place them for you on sites and with organizations with proven track records or based on your specific requests.

Conduct Thorough Resume Screenings

Reviewing resumes can be time consuming and managers are often too busy to give it their full attention. Let us do it for you. We’ll thoroughly screen and recommend candidates for initial interviews based on qualifications and job requirements.

Conduct Initial Phone Interviews

Eliciting key information from potential hires in phone interviews is not always easy. Using the job’s Critical Success Factor Profile as our guide, our interviewers are skilled and can help in obtaining important information so we are able to identify and recommend candidates for the next level of interviewing.

Corresponding with Applicants

Applicant and candidate acknowledgement and declination letters / emails are an important part of the recruitment process. These communications help to maintain and enhance your professional image and reputation in the community. To help with time, we can handle this for you. If you prefer to correspond directly with applicants, we can provide you with acknowledgement and declination letter templates upon request.

Interview Questions

Because most managers do not regularly interview candidates, interviewing may be a challenge for some managers. We can provide your managers with a customized list of interview questions—based on the established Critical Success Factor Profile— that will help them deliver meaningful and effective interviews.

Provide Recruitment and Interview Training for Managers

Recruitment is a practice and interviewing a skill. We can train your managers on effective recruitment practices and interviewing techniques that will increase their selection capabilities. We provide custom training sessions for your company, based on our book, 7 Steps to Increasing Your Hiring Success Ratio. It’s a small investment that will serve your organization well for years to come.

Experts agree that hiring the right people from the start is the single best way to reduce employee turnover